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Welcome to Los Alamos Business incubation!

LABi, the focal point for making discovery profitable, is a leader in the Los Alamos community. High-tech, low-tech, no-tech; it all has potential. However, the reality is that high-tech Intellectual Property (IP) has the highest potential and level of interest for its further development into opportunities for success and financial benefit. Early adoption high-tech IP development and funding is our principle niche.








What is Los Alamos Business incubation (LABi)? 

                Los Alamos Business incubation (LABi) is the focal point for taking the difficult and unpredictable process of developing ideas into marketable products, and building teams of entrepreneurs, investors and professionals that maximize the potential for success.

For Entrepreneurs, it is the place where they can get the hands-on help they need to make their ideas and Intellectual Property (IP) market-ready. For those 99+% of entrepreneurs who have excellent, and perhaps important, ideas for products to bring to market but lack skills or time to do the whole process alone, LABi will build teams of professionals

For Investors, it is the place to find quality opportunities, either as standard venture capital investments, or by following the LABi system for developing more diverse investment groupings that simultaneously minimize risk and maximize the probabilities of a strong, successful Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

For professionals interested in becoming part of entrepreneurial teams – becoming part of the LABi Tech Army© – it is a chance to enjoy the stimulating and potentially profitable process of brain-storming and product(s) development and sharing in any success that results from that work.



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